The Opočno Castle

On a high tongue of land above the park towers a beautiful Renaissance castle once rebuilt by the family of Trčka of Lípa. When Josef Colloredo-Mansfeld became the owner of the castle, the state rooms and the other prestige spaces in the castle gained the impression of nobility and wealth thanks to a strong influence of French culture. Also, the rich equipped armoury in the castle is definitely worth seeing.


The Opočno Castle Park

The castle park is a perfectly balanced architectural area set in the Golden Creek (Zlatý potok) valley in a masterly way. In the valley section of the Park, you can find small romantic structures such as the Chinese Summer House, a series of bridges and many others. From the lookout points above the northern slope, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Castle and the town.

Right on the spot

Opočno itself has also much to offer. You can enjoy the Opočno Traditional Fair in summer, watch falconers’ at work in autumn, and participate in St. Nicholas’s Eve in the central square in winter. You can follow the footsteps of František Kupka regarded as the most famous Czech painter today.

In summer, you can have a swim at the swimming pool near the romantic Broumar Lake, in the evening, you can go to play bowling or to watch a concert of classical music.


Zoological Garden in Dvůr Králové

It will not be just your children who will appreciate a day among wild animals. The Zoological Garden was established more than 60 years ago and since then it has changed from a small zoological corner into one of the largest zoological gardens in the Czech Republic and one of the most important breeding stations for African animals in the world.


Water Amusement Park (Aquapark) in Hradec Králové

The Water Amusement Park in Hradec Králové features waterplay areas such as water slides, spraygrounds and others, 5 pools, steam baths, a sauna with atrium, a waterside bar, solaria, massages, a beauty parlour and a hairdresser's salon. You can also use a 50-metre swimming pool connected with the Water Park with a corridor.

Within easy reach

Many places of interest are within easy reach owing to the “strategic” location of Opočno at the foothills of the Orlické Hory Mountains. If you are interested in theatre performances, various exhibitions or concerts, you can visit Hradec Králové (within 30 minutes’ drive by car or bus). If you like sports rather than cultural events, you can go to the top of the Orlické Hory Mountains or to the Deštné skiing resort which will take about the same time. Perhaps, you will want to meet interesting people. We can recommend you eco-farmers, skillful craftsmen or artists living and working in this region.

Craftsmen of the Orlické Hory Mountains

There have always been a lot of skilful craftsmen in this area. You can visit them and admire their work with clay, wood, glass and leather. Perhaps, you will take a fancy to a bobbin lace or you will get enthusiastic over a folk costume. These people will certainly welcome you to their studios.


Cycling and Mountain Biking in the Orlické Hory Mountains

The Orlické Hory Mountains and their foothills are cut out for cycling and mountain biking. All the cycle paths go through beautiful countryside and satisfy both beginners and experienced bikers. The scenery around the cycle paths is spectacular in every season of the year but you can enjoy the most beautiful vistas especially in spring when fruit trees are in full blossom and in autumn when oaks, beeches, alders and ashes become unbelievably colourful.






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